tisdag 5 april 2011

New career, new opportunities

Today marked my first day as an employer at the open source consultant firm Redpill-Linpro. As you readers might have noticed, my interest in OS offerings in the integration space has recently risen up to the level where I'd like to make it into a career. Therefore I chose to switch my focus and work fulltime with the projects that has so far mostly been an interesting hobby at my spare time.

Personally I think that change is a good thing and you should always try to give yourself new insights, challenges and other perspectives on your knowledge. Therefore I am leaving the trusty IBM stacks I've known to love for the last 6 years or so and head out into the unknown, starting with JBoss SOA products and the FuseSource projects (Camel, ServiceMix etc..).

With that said, I am absolutely sure that I will miss all of my colleagues at Connecta since we've had some great moments and fond memories of assignments and projects (as well as some less strict endeavours in between).

Best of luck to you all, and hope we will see each other again soon!

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