måndag 18 oktober 2010

Combining OpenSCA with IBM Classic SCA (WPS/WESB)

My current client needs to perform a Proof-of-Concept on the interopability between the old style of SCA used by the Websphere BPM products (Process Server and Websphere ESB) with the standard SCA 1.0 that the WAS Feature pack for SCA implements.

So far my task is to package one of their existing services as part of an SCA contribution and verify that it is accessible from a long-running process inside the process server.

The first thing that hit me is that WID doesn't seem to include the SCA tooling plugin that RAD offers, so for the moment it seems to me that I'll have to develop the integration with 2 IDE's, RAD for the Java/SCA part and WID for the WPS parts. Hmm, I'm just wondering how my relatively weak workstation will respond to that.. :-D

Anyway, for guidance I'll be looking at the excellent series of articles at IBM Developerworks:

I'll keep you updated on my findings as I get along, but it is indeed an interesting subject.

Over and out...

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