torsdag 9 december 2010

Eclipse XML autocompletion patch for Mule users

Earlier I wrote about my problems finding a good XML editor which works with Mule configuration files, as the one included in Eclipse WTP does not support XSD schema substitution groups.

That time I simply gave up and registered for a trial of the Oxygen XML eclipse plugin editor since that was the only one that I found that could give me autocompletion while modeling flows.
Well, it seems that the MuleSoft guys has figured out a way to patch this issue with Eclipse, which is very good news for the myriad of Mule users out there. This patch may also be worth downloading even if you're not intending to use Mule and regularly deal with schema substitutions in eclipse.

I have not yet tested the patch since I've been quite busy lately on my free time, but I'm sure it will be a welcome fix for many integrators.

Bye bye Oxygen, been nice to know you!

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