onsdag 1 december 2010

Soap through JMS support for WCF

One of the classic problems you face when dealing with webservices is how to assure a guaranteed delivery of your messages. Since http by its definition cannot guarantee that your messages are never lost a lot of initiatives has tried to solve this problem.

Currently this is typically handled in one of the following ways:

Not primary used as a means of guaranteed delivery, WS-Transaction still in some sense tries to solve the same problem with a consistency angle. I'll not dwell into the architectural reasons for WS-Transaction but simply note that it introduces a tight coupling between the service consumer and provider and is not preferable in i.e. a B2B solution. It is my firm belief that http/xml should not be used as a transaction medium since it was just not defined with that in mind in the first place. It also has performance implications as well as introduces complex call-chains and possible deadlocks.

WS-Reliable Messaging
Typically your provider and consumer would store outbound messages in some kind of message store and delete these first when they've been acknowledged by the other part through a conversation mechanism. Messaging platforms are often used as the persistent store, but regular databases could also be included, either as part of the messaging provider or by the WS stack.

Retry mechanisms and idempotent provider services
Clients simply retry the calls until a successful invocation is acheived. This puts a requirement on the provider to be idempotent either through the nature of the service, or by utilizing some framework for blocking resent requests based on a uniqueness in the message.

Soap through JMS
Most, if not all Java WS runtimes now support sending soap messages through a JMS provider. Soap/JMS is not yet a standard, but several providers have in fact agreed on a set of JMS properties that maps to a soap world, so it is actually quite interoperable.

This works fine for most Java implementations, but the .NET world has (to my knowledge) been left out on this option for a while.
Well, today I noticed an interesting thing in the Websphere MQ 7 documentation which apparently has support for hooking in WCF services/consumers to the Soap/JMS space. IBM has implemented transport interceptors that could be configured on WCF components. These are bundled with the MQ7 client and as far as I can see does not change either the MQ setup or your .NET code.


To me this is very good news as that makes Soap through JMS a valid alternative to the quite complicated stacks above even when you're looking for Java-WCF interoperability and guaranteed deliveries, given that IBM WMQ is already a part of your infrastructure.

Once again messaging comes to the rescue! Either as the actual transport layer or as a building block for enabling WS-Reliable Messaging.

Now I just have to bribe some .NET programmer to hook up with for a lab since my .NET skills are, lets say.. nonexistent at the moment

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